Strømninger ENG – Danish for currents – knitting pattern for download

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Neck scarf with beautiful pattern

Knitting pattern in english for Strømninger/Currents

  • Size: The scarf measures approx. 28 cm x 170 cm in washed condition
  • Recommended needle: Circular needle 60 cm. size 4 mm
  • Yarn: Fingering yarn from Aurinkokehrä (360 m per 100 gr.)
  • Yarn consumption: approx. 200 gr
  • Knitting tension: Approx. 22 m.x. 30 m. per 10 x 10 cm.

The knitting tension is not that important, but the markup of 76 m corresponds to an approx. width of 28 cm.

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This scarf is knitted in natural dyed Finnsheep wool yarn from the Finnish Aurinkokehrä.

The pattern is light and airy and repeats over 6 rows. It gives a fine pattern that shifts over the entire work.

The scarf has a beautiful edge.

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